I believe and know that all your answers are within and by connecting in to your heart space together we can find the reasons for your behaviors and actions, get clarity and understanding around your motivations and get you moving forward. I offer one on one intuitive readings, group meditations, and classes on specific topics.

An intuitive reading with me is deeply personal and will help open your eyes to what both hinders and supports you in life, and can provide answers to the questions in your heart.  Connecting with your Higher Self is the first step. I will then look at your aura and chakras and energy bodies for the stories you are carrying with you energetically and help release them. A reading may include clairvoyant and clairaudient insights, mediumship messages and channeled wisdom from the Archangels and Ascended Masters. With the insights gained in a reading you can begin to rewrite your story, stepping into a space where you can feel your most empowered self. My mission is to help you find your way to a gentle awakening and to assist you as you take back your power in your life. 


I have known I was sensitive to energy since I was a teenager. In my 20’s I began what has been a lifelong pursuit of personal healing and growth and I have been on a magical, mystical adventure ever since.  I continue to dig deep into my personal history to release what holds me back and am passionate about finding what lies beneath the surface and gently revealing truth from it. I embrace the courage it takes to face our stuckness and meet it head on. And I have witnessed again and again that the answers lie within. I offer this healing work because of how stuck I felt in my own life, I tried many things to heal myself over the years and all of them lead me inwards. My goal is to help you reveal your answers and embrace your inner wisdom. 

I am a graduate of the Clairvoyant Training Program at Psychic Horizons in San Francisco, completed the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Laughing Lotus, also in SF and received a Sound Healing and Therapy Certificate from the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness in SF.

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