Healing Salon with Saint Germain

I am thrilled to announce I will now be offering a monthly Healing Salon with Saint Germain online. Partnering with our Higher Selves each participant will be invited to ask one question, then receive a channeled response and healing from alchemical Ascended Master Saint Germain. This will be an intimate group experience and the group resonance will create a space where each question answered will have relevance for each participant. As we draw near to the years’ end we will take this time to release any stagnant energy that has accumulated. Working with St. Germain and his Violet Flame you will have the opportunity to rid yourself of what no longer serves you, creating space to bring in your true heart’s desire and freshen up your energy as we prepare for 2020. A recording of our time together will be provided afterward. Space is limited to 5 participants for each event.

Join me on March 14th for the next Healing Salon with the Ascended Master Saint Germain and meet Archangel Zadkiel. Zadkiel will assist us with forgiveness and Saint Germain will answer one question for each participant, this is an intimate experience and is limited to five people.
Saturday March 14th, 2020, 11am-1pm PST, $44

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From Saint Germain:
I am delighted to be able to connect with those that gather for our event. These times your planet is facing, the events, the politics, the environment, are bringing up many fears in the collective consciousness, by gathering and answering your individual questions we seek to bring more light, more positivity, more reasons to ‘carry on’ into your hearts, for you to believe and know that there is more than meets the eye, so to speak, in your world. Spirit is all around to guide and assist humanity at this time and I am stepping forward to answer your pressing questions and bring greater light to your individual circumstances.”

Saint Germain is an Ascended Master ushering in the Age of Aquarius and works with the Violet Flame to clear and transmute energy. He was a High Priest in the Ancient Civilization of Atlantis and incarnated in numerous lifetimes before his Ascension.  He is known to have lived as the Prophet Samuel, the Greek poet Hesiod, Plato, Saint Joseph, Saint Alban, Merlin, Christopher Columbus and Francis Bacon. It was in his human incarnation as the philosopher Francis Bacon that he attained his physical Ascension (attaining immortality and eternal youth) and adopted the name Saint Germain. He is now assisting humanity to step into their I AM presence and fostering Unity Consciousness

From Saint Germain:
I am here to raise the consciousness of all of humanity to one of unity, fostering your I AM presence in your heart and for you to take your rightful place alongside me as a divine creator, a sovereign being of light and to realize your infinite potential. I have walked the Earth in many lifetimes and know of the challenges you face in your limited understanding of your true divinity. It is my mission to elevate your consciousness to realize all that keeps you enslaved in this small thinking and step into the truth of your true abundance, your true divine birthright, that you are a multidimensional being of light choosing to exist in human form and that you are more powerful than you can imagine at this time. 

“What I love about the Healing Salon is that I get personal, specific answers to my life’s questions from a divine connection –directly channeled. At first, this was an unusual thing to get my head around. But once I understood, I realized I could improve my life in ways I couldn’t anywhere else; with energetic healings, deeper understandings and future direction(s). Kim is gifted in stepping aside to channel these answers as well as stepping back in – to speak to us when the time is right. Her style is compassionate, easy-going and natural. I absolutely love the Healing Salon sessions. I wish everyone could experience this at least once in their life.” 
Daria M., Oakland, CA

“Wheeee! I feel really amazing! Things had started to shift for me earlier this week around work and showing up for myself, and now I can really see and feel that happening. The healing I received made me feel so much lighter, and totally solidified that hopeful energy. Now things are just rolling along in a really positive direction, and new things are coming my way. Thank you so much Kim and Saint Germain!”
Janine C., Oakland CA

“The Healing Salon with Kim has initiated numerous positive changes in my life. Connecting with Kim and Saint Germain, as well as 5 other women in very similar life situations as I, on my 2 hour call was like going back to the womb, cozy comfort and nourishment at my fingertips. I recommend her to anyone who desires whole mind-body healing (over the phone, even). Kim is a heart-guided, love-focused warrior of light and I look forward to working with her for a long while and in the near future.”
Annie M., San Francisco, CA