Intuitive Energy Therapy 
An Intuitive Energy Therapy session is much like therapy but from your Higher Self perspective, we get to the root of the issue and work on healing from there. As a multi-dimensional wayshower I am able to access information on many levels. Whether you are working on issues from this lifetime, a past life, family/ancestral healing, healing from trauma or abuse, grief and loss, opening to deeper spirituality, parenting and relationship issues, wanting to connect with a passed-over loved one, or simply need support taking steps forward in your life one-on-one session work is available. Depending on your needs we may meet 1-5 times or more, either monthly or bi-monthly. Each session is 60-75 minutes (via Zoom) and a recording will be provided afterwards. $150
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Ascended Master Channeled Reading
Private channeled Healing Session with Saint Germain, $150, 45 minutes
Private channeled Healing Session with Goddess Isis, $150, 45 minutes
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Children, Business, Home and Animal Readings are also available. Each session is 60-75 minutes (via Zoom) and a recording will be provided afterwards. $150
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Group Meditation Classes 
I offer group meditation classes, on specific topics on an on-going basis. Past series have included ‘Healing and Repairing the Aura’ and ‘Acknowledge and Integrate our Shadow’. Our next series will be channeled with Saint Germain, read about it here.

Healing Salon
Connect with spirit and receive and individual support messages. In this group format we gather in person or via zoom for two hours to each individually ask one question and receive a channeled message. In this group synergy you will find answers for yourself with each participants’ question. Limited to ten participants. Stay tuned for next dates. $44

Public Speaking/Motivational Speaking
I am available for your private and corporate events for group meditation, grounding ceremonies and wedding services.

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