“Before I started working with Kim I was experiencing several major life changes. I was pregnant, completing my PhD, and looking to transition from academic life into work in the private sector. I also knew a move was in my future as I didn’t see myself raising my family in hyper-urban San Francisco. I was prompted to seek Kim’s help because of all the uncertainty in my life. Much of the change I was experiencing was promising and exciting but also there was fear and anxiety around what was next and how my future was unfolding. I sought Kim’s help to cope, embrace, and understand the changes I was experiencing.

Kim gave me insight into the patterns I was falling into which shaped how I was responding to changes in my life. She was able to identify several limiting beliefs which were holding me back in how I approached everyday situations as well as major life transitions. One of the things that is masterful about Kim is that she does not simply identify problems, but she gives you tools the empower you to transform them. When she saw me beating myself up for not being “good enough” according to my own arbitrary expectations, she gave me an imaginary tape player and headphones that I could carry with me. My imaginary musical score would play positive, cheerful tunes that would pump me up when I was down or dreary. It would summon my inner joy, power, and happiness to empower me to respond gracefully to challenging situations.  

Working with Kim inspired me to meditate daily using the visualization techniques she employed to guide us through our sessions together. These techniques have also helped build my intuition, self-love, and my capacity to listen to my inner voice. 

I can’t recommend Kim enough – she will give you rich insights about yourself and the tools to transform your struggles and everyday life situations into opportunities to grow, find happiness, and practice love and compassion for yourself and the people around you.”
Lauren A, Oakland, CA

“Kim is a compassionate, experienced channel who has helped me find clarity and make peace with situations that seemed impossible to sit with on my own. In the past year, I’ve had two 45-minute healing sessions with her, as well as a tarot reading with her at an event. I’ve also experienced her guided meditations. It’s clear that Kim has a strong, genuine spiritual connection. She has helped me release thought patterns and energetic ties that no longer serve me so that I can move forward in the light and the truth. Her sessions have been more therapeutic and brought longer-lasting changes than any of my sessions with therapists, counselors or other spiritual advisors, so I’ll definitely be back.”
Anni D., San Francisco, CA

“I highly recommend a session with Kim. I was feeling unfocused and stuck in aspects of my life and wanting positive change but not sure where to start. In my reading with Kim she helped me look at aspects of my life in a new light with a new perspective. I left feeling more open and positive and over time I noticed a shift in my thinking which created positive changes in my life.  Kim helped me to get unstuck and change negative and old ways of thinking. I am grateful for her guidance in helping me make these positive shifts.”
Miriam M., Oakland, CA

“I’ve enjoyed three readings from Kim in the five years I’ve known her.  Each time I’ve emerged feeling more focused, as though a weight has been lifted, with a new outlook and direction.  She has helped me to work through times when I’ve felt lost or stuck.  She is genuine, kind and straightforward.  My son also loved his reading with her when he was just ten years old, she tailored the experience to help him through a difficult time when he was struggling with school and suffering from anxiety and frustration.  She gave him tools to manage his feelings in the form of an age appropriate meditation that he was able to draw upon in the months afterward. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking to clear out blockages and re-energize.”
Laura J., San Mateo, CA

“I had my first reading with Kim about a year ago. I found her as a person to be very approachable, honest and sweet. I found her abilities to be clear, connected and insightful. I enjoyed her style of grounding and letting go of what doesn’t serve me. I also enjoyed her ability to open me up in new ways of thinking/being. I have since had several more readings, and each one seems to get better! Her gifts are ‘the real deal’ and I look forward to more in the future. I recommend getting a reading to make your life a little easier (think of it as a year of therapy in an hour!) So interesting and so very worth it.”
Daria M., Oakland, CA

“I’ve had several readings with Kim over the last few months as she was helping me through an extremely rough time in my life. She is genuine, caring and tuned in. With each session, she helps me understand more about myself and my story. It opens me up to my true purpose and to what I’m capable of doing and being. I feel lighter and stronger every time. She’s even assisted me in working thorough the grief of the loss of my father at a young age. It’s so much better than talk therapy, as I feel like I am growing and proactively changing my life. I can’t recommend her enough! I think everyone should have a reading such as this at least once in their lives.”
Janine S., Oakland, CA

“Kim has been a beacon for reflection and guidance for years. For me, what separates Kim from other practitioners is I consistently witness her integrity and what she espouses in practice in all that she does and says.  This credibility makes my connection to Kim and her gifts stronger and her impact on me expansive and continuous.   It’s an honor and gift to work with Kim.”
Tish H., Mill Valley, CA

“I’ve had many readings over the years, but my reading with Kim gave me a depth of clarity I haven’t yet experienced.  In addition to revealing deeply buried  information, my reading with Kim has had a profound healing effect on my life.  Kim approaches potentially sensitive aspects with respect and care.  I would venture to say anyone would benefit from a reading with Kim.”
– Sarah O., Sausalito, CA