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Move Beyond Resistance to Meditation Mini-Series

Have you struggled to build a regular meditation practice? You are not alone.


I’m excited to share a recording of a mini-series that I just unearthed from my archives to support you in releasing out of any excuses we have not to meditate and the barriers to meditating. In order to get us to our desired place of meditating regularly, I facilitate the experience of being in your heart and living from the heart. 


In the series, you’ll experience clairvoyant clearings to help you release out of how programmed we are to only operate from the mind and override the wishes of the heart. It’s time to release all the stored and stuck thoughts and overthinking that stops us. This will help you release the resistance to meditation, and make a deep connection with your Higher Self which will keep us coming back to this place of nourishment again and again. 


I’ve found that many clients and my friends were resistant to meditation, and even afraid of it. And when we dove in, there were a great deal of blocks that needed to be released before we could bring the head and the heart into harmony with each other - working as allies.


This offering will help you release all the energetic, emotional and mental blocks that we have to meditating daily, and operating from the wisdom of our heart.

What people are saying:

“Move Beyond Resistance to Meditation” is a three part series that I have found to be a revelatory and empowering act of self-love. I have long struggled with integrating mediation into my daily practice. Yet, through Kim’s powerful channel, I have experienced an immense energetic clearing, a reconnection to my heart-mind coherence, as well as a deeper alignment to my higher Self and spiritual team. Now, I stand committed and able to regularly engage in meditation, which promotes my metaphysical wellbeing, while also intensifying my powers of discernment, offering me greater truth and clarity. 

Alysia P., Washington DC

The Investment -  $99


Scholarships are available based on need. Please email me for details.

Healing the Feminine Wound

The Magdalene Series - Healing the Feminine Wound within you. 













Do you feel like you’ve lost your voice or ability to speak your truth in this world? 


Do you struggle with being hard on yourself?


Does self love feel far away, or something you struggle with truly believing or embodying?


Do you get stuck in procrastination and indecision?


You feel this way not because of something within you that is broken or wrong, but because of the distortions of our modern world (i.e. the wounded patriarchy) and culture and all that we have taken on as a result. 


This course arose from my deep healing work with the core feminine wounds. Since my journey with Mary Magdalene, I’ve moved to more self-love, to having my voice again, to being fully empowered in my gifts and creating what I desire to offer in the world.  

With Mary Magdalene as our guide, we will work our way systematically through the energy centers to release out of the stranglehold the distorted patriarchy has over us, and once again find our true personal freedom. Mary Magdalene will assist us in reconnecting to the time of the Goddess and The Mothers so that you can find your voice, you can reconnect to your intuition, you can feel kindness towards yourself, develop self-love, develop more ease, develop your intuitive gifts.

This is self-paced series consists of seven modules and recordings from seven previously held live calls.

The Investment -  $222

Two-Payment Option available.
Scholarships are available based on need. Please email me for details.

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