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Awakening Circle with Kim Quinones













  • Would you like to learn more about your Soul Contracts?
  • Would you like to deepen your Spiritual Understanding? 
  • Do you wish to connect more deeply with your Intuition and Inner Knowing? 


I wish to extend a personal invitation to you to join me on this journey to Awakening.  For those of you that have been working with me for a while now, we have been flirting with this experience of opening to Greater Awareness.  Over the years we have connected with our Spirit Guides, our Guardian Angels, our Higher Self, our Ancestors and our Loved Ones in Spirit. We have connected with a host of Archangels and Ascended Masters.   And with this new offering we have an opportunity to learn about some different spiritual concepts and go deeper into specific topics. 

The Awakening Circle will be a container for us to dive deeply. In this format we will gather two times a month and explore an array of topics and ideas through conversation, guided meditation and experiential energy healing processes. Each call will be a different topic. We will discuss and learn and gain a better understanding of:


  • Establishing and grounding our connection with our Higher Self 
  • Soul Contracts  
  • Etheric Cords of Attachment
  • The chakras, the aura and the energy bodies and how they all act as record keepers  
  • How and why past lives and ancestral energy affects us  
  • Opening to or strengthening our connection to our Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels 
  • Creating relationships with the Archangels and Ascended Masters and learning more about how they can support us 




With each call we will drop into the heart and connect with our Higher Self. As our spiritual understanding grows it will allow us to peel back the layers that block us and connect more easily with our own innate Inner Wisdom and Intuition, ultimately accessing this space of Knowingness that resides in our heart. 


On our Awakening Circle call this Wednesday (August 19th at 9pm PDT) we will explore the topic of Soul Contracts. We will learn what they are and why we have them and we will bring our current contracts up to date and release our outdated contracts. This will be a process to use again and again with any contracts needing updating. Our next call will be all about Cords of Attachment on September 2nd.


If you’ve been curious about or wanting to learn more in depth about some of the spiritual terms you’ve heard or you want to connect more deeply with your Higher Self, if you are taking steps on the path to Awakening and want a boost the Awakening Circle is for you.  Together we will build a library of topics that you will be able to go back and review at anytime. 


I am committed to creating a container for spiritual exploration, growth, and understanding. To support you accessing your own inner truth. And to bring clarity to topics you may have heard about and seek deeper understanding around. With this gathering two times a month we will explore different topics, dialogue, ask questions and receive answers and insight. I invite you and welcome you to join me on this path to Awakening. This group will support you to see through the illusion of fear that holds us all back in order to live lovingly from our hearts.

About me: I have been on a spiritual path for over 25 years, as a seeker, a student and a practitioner and I now offer my hand as a guide along the way.  My Awakening has taken place gradually and with consistent, committed work.  Since 2008 I have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program, a two-year clairvoyant training program and a Sound Healing Therapy certificate program.  I have opened up beyond seeing energy to connect deeply with my guides and angels, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, and most profoundly, with my Higher Self, my Inner Voice and with the Creator of All That Is.  




  • Bi-monthly guided group phone calls (1-hour each), valued at $25 each

We will clean out from any energies affecting us from the greater collective. And then we will begin the process of opening up to Spirit. We all have access to the Higher Wisdom in our hearts, and in this ongoing work we will start to sift away the barriers to this connection.  Live Zoom calls or enjoy the recordings of our calls at your convenience.

  • Discounted private sessions

  • Private membership area for community support

Included will be a private group space on my website (not hosted on facebook) and through the wix app, where we can connect and ask questions, share uplifting content, be inspired and share our experiences on our Awakening journeys together.

  • BONUS: Cosmic Q+A (every other month, your question answered) valued at $44

In addition, every other month I will host a Cosmic Q+A, where you can ask a personal question of Spirit and receive a channeled answer. In these two hour workshops we will dive deep. As a multi-dimensional conduit I can channel with Ascended Masters and The Archangels, as well as connect with your Higher Self, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and passed over loved ones. You never know who will come through with a message of support and divine guidance! These calls will be exclusive to our Awakening Circle and will not be offered to the public. 

"What I love about the Cosmic Q+A is that I get personal, specific answers to my life's questions from a divine connection --directly channeled. At first, this was an unusual thing to get my head around. But once I understood, I realized I could improve my life in ways I couldn't anywhere else; with energetic healings, deeper understandings and future direction(s). Kim is gifted in stepping aside to channel these answers as well as stepping back in - to speak to us when the time is right. Her style is compassionate, easy-going and natural. I absolutely love the Cosmic Q+A sessions. I wish everyone could experience this at least once in their life." 

- Daria M., Oakland, CA


“The Cosmic Q+A  with Kim has initiated numerous positive changes in my life. Connecting with Kim and Saint Germain on my 2 hour call was like going back to the womb, cozy comfort and nourishment at my fingertips. I recommend her to anyone who desires whole mind-body healing (over the phone, even). Kim is a heart-guided, love-focused warrior of light and I look forward to working with her for a long while and in the near future.”

Annie M., San Francisco


  • BONUS: Equinox + Solstice Ceremony Calls included valued at $25 each

My powerful seasonal equinox and solstice calls will be included in your Awakening Circle membership. Think of these 1 hour group calls as quarterly tune-ups, where we connect with the energy of the season we are heading into and prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually for what lies ahead and step out of what we are leaving behind allowing us to vibrationally attune to each new season.

  • BONUS: Exclusive access to new offerings, master classes and other program

Be the first to hear about my new offerings, workshops and masterclass series.

A la carte offering would total $ 119+
I offer the Awakening Circle to you for $44
Reserve your spot in the Awakening Circle today!

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