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Reveal Your Inner Light Breakthrough Package


Do you feel stuck

  • Have you lost your mojo?

  • Do you have career questions/concerns?

  • Communication issues in your relationships?

  • Desire to strengthen your connection with your inner guidance?

  • Do you seek insight?

  • Need a way out of overwhelm?

  • Parenting issues/concerns?

  • Want to understand your child's behavior?

  • Help with repetitive thoughts?

  • Relief from negative self talk?

  • Access to your feminine or masculine energy?

  • Change the story you are telling yourself

  • Take back your Permission

  • Looking for a complement to traditional psychotherapy?


In this signature series we will go deep with the services I offer in a series of four sessions. In an individual reading we can typically focus on one or two issues, and on one or two healing modalities. In this series of sessions we will go deep with the full complement of healing modalities I offer. We will dig in to the roots of your blockages and look for the origin.

We will release:

  • parent’s, partners’ and/or children’s energy (as appropriate)

  • family/ancestral energy

  • past trauma/abuse

  • past life energies 

  • stuck/blocked energy

And also:

  • remove cords 

  • update contracts

  • revoke curses, oaths and vows 

  • release outside energy 

  • cleanse and harmonize the chakras

The goal is to get you grounded in your own energy and moving forward in the direction of your dreams. And give you tools to use everyday to know what energy is yours and what is not and ways to manage this. We will focus on your Higher Self connection to strengthen and grow your access to your Inner Wisdom and deepen your connection to Source.


Our initial intuitive reading will be 90 minutes in length where we will identify the areas of concern you would like to focus on, determine the frequency of our sessions (choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly), create our rules of engagement and begin defining and finding your stuck places. Each consecutive session will be 60-75 minutes and this is where we will release the shadows, dive deep in to what is limiting and blocking you and begin the work of energetically looking at what you are hiding from or hiding away, bringing in the light of your awareness to help release what we find.  At the end of each of our sessions you will come away with clarity, understanding, insight, awareness and the tools to find forward movement and peace of mind along with answers to your Big Picture questions.  We will focus on energy healing and energy clearing and bring in Multidimensional support as needed.  Let’s get you back in alignment with your Inner Voice and your Higher Wisdom and Reveal Your Inner Light,

Schedule your 15 minute discovery call now!

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