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Energetic Toolkit Course

What does it mean to be sensitive to energy? What if you could use being sensitive to your advantage? In this 7-week course we will work our way through the Energy Centers (The Chakras) of the body and learn all the ways we take on energy, how to separate from it and how to protect our energy. By taking control of our sensitivity we can then tap into our intuition, insight, and inner wisdom. 


Using my energy healing skills and clairvoyant abilities to guide each class for approximately 90 minutes in length, we will engage in deep meditation and energy clearing.   Guided meditation will be followed by question + answer. There will be takeaway tools from each session to use on your own. Each call will be recorded.




















Week One: 1st Tool - Heart Centering/Grounding

We will set the foundation to help you deeply connect with the Heart Center in this grounding meditation. This will be the first tool you learn to start using daily!



Week Two: 2nd Tool - Own and Clear Your Energy

We will learn how to control our Empathic Center and how to “Zipper up your coconut.” This will help you to reset your typical default state from being wide open and taking on energy. Learn how to use your ‘off-switch’, how to call back your energy and release other people’s energy. 



Week Three: 3rd Tool - Own your Worth and Value

We will learn how to own our Power Center, and release and disconnect from the ‘I’m not enough’, ‘I’m not doing it right’ and the ‘I’m not worthy’ programs that disempower us and keep us asking for permission. 



Week Four: 4th Tool - Clear Communication Channel

We will work on the blocks to self-expression and healthy communication including boundaries, and how to establish permission to express ourselves fully. Two call will be spent on healing the Throat Center - a key focus in the chakras for regaining our ability to communicate and express.



Week Five: 5th Tool - Inner Listening/Inner Voice


We will open to listening and hearing compassionately,  when we allow others to state their views we also allow ourselves to have our own views, and express them in a respectful, healthy & curious way. With the Throat Center cleared we can begin to tap into discernment.  Connecting to our healthiest communication opens the way for our Inner Voice to share.  



Week Six: 6th Tool - Envisioning

We will connect to our Vision Center and open to our Inner Guidance & Third Eye Vision. This will help you to bring the empowerment to create the life we envision. 



Week Seven: 7th Tool - Open to all our Inner Senses 


Final Q+A, course wrap-up and graduation! You will end this course with clear navigation on how to connect with your Inner Guidance and work with it more skillfully to navigate the world.











Two times to choose from!

I will be offering this course beginning on Tuesday June 15, 5pm PDT

and on Thursday June 17, 8pm PDT. Choose the time that works for you!

Early bird price, $97 through June 12, $147 after June 12

Need based scholarships available, send me a message

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