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Join me for a new 7 Week Series beginning in June 2021














Over the past 15 years, I have been refining the tools I use everyday to manage my sensitivity. My new program - The Energetic Toolkit is an offering to everyone out there who has felt stuck, and didn’t quite know why (or what to do about it). This offering is also for those of us who are very sensitive and are not quite sure how to navigate the world at times without losing a part of ourselves.  


Being sensitive to energy isn’t always easy, but it is manageable. And once we get a handle on what is and isn’t ours we can get in better touch with our own inner guidance system. 












The Details 

A core component of this course is energetic boundaries. We are constantly bombarded by other people’s energy,  and the most valuable tool I have learned over all the years I’ve engaged in spiritual practice is knowing what’s mine (and what isn’t!). There are several elements to this understanding and knowingness. 


In this 7-week series I will share what I have learned and put in place for myself. You will learn how to use these same tools in your everyday life. I have been finding and healing my stuck places for a decade. I used to walk through life weighed down by lots of things outside of me. 


  • In this seven week journey we will learn how to create energetic boundaries, and once established, how to access your inner guidance, your intuition and your inner voice.

  • Along the way I will use my energy healing gifts to help clear the blocks holding you back. I’ll help you clear out the stuck, stagnant energy and create a new baseline.

  • You have an array of spiritual gifts ready to be used. Learn to trust yourself, get your answers more easily and more clearly.

  • Get out of fear, worry and anxiety, especially when it’s other people’s. Release past mistakes, missteps, past lives and any ancestral energy holding you back. Get free from your past choices and firmly rooted on the path of your choosing. The path of love and light and guidance and inspiration.


When we are able to step out of all the noise and input around us we can get clear and we can hear our own truth. We are bombarded by information, from people, places, and things around us, from our devices, it causes a lot of noise and static. 


This offering will give you the tools to step outside (get out of this) inundation. Discernment to know what’s yours and tune out what isn’t. 


















What It Will Look Like : 

Your tool kit will including learning how to : 

  1. Step into harmony and resonance with your Inner Being.

  2. Learn how to drop into your heart and operate from this space and out of the overworked, overwhelmed mind. 

  3. Leave behind overthinking, the constant worry, the ‘I’m not enough’, ‘I’m not doing it right’ the ‘I’m not worthy’ mindset and step into certainty and trust. 

  4. Learn tools to live a heart-centered existence and get out of the trap of your ego driven mind. Learn discernment tools and heart-centered beingness. 

  5. How to drop into your heart and anchor your awareness in this space. 

  6. Learn a new way of being that is supportive, positive, kind, empowering, aware, restive. 

  7. Step out of the stuff of the mind and drop into the heart, anchoring into loving awareness and accessing what is for your highest and best on a day to day basis. 


These are the tools I use everyday to foster calmness and clarity, certainty in my decision making, joy in my life, and presence, the ability to reside in the present moment without worrying about what is to come and what has passed. 


This is my why, sharing with you that there is another way of being that was not taught to us in school but has been shared by Spiritual Masters for eons. This Spiritual Technology has been around since the beginning of humanity and can help you navigate the world more easily than any computer technology created to-date.

Take a step back into the ease of living from your heart, to the kindness of living from your heart. And learn to live from this space instead of from the stuff of the mind. 


About Kim : I have been practicing this for over a decade and sharing this with clients since 2017 and have distilled it into this course offering so you don’t have to spend years to get there like I have. I am honored to be your guide and hand over these keys to you to successfully start living a heart centered life


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