Fall Equinox Call

Photo by Fineas Anton on Unsplash

Equinox Support Call

“Step into the new season of you taking control of your thoughts, taking control of your actions and directing the flow of your life”

The Equinox is almost upon us and the call to come into balance feels very strong to me. I am offering a slightly new way to work with me, instead of doing a live call I recorded this in advance for you to listen to at your convenience. In support of our busy schedules and different periods of downtime I’m excited to offer this to you on-demand! Join me and the Goddess Isis along with Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and St. Germaine for this healing transmission. As we turn inwardly and seek to find balance after a busy summer let us support you as you freshen up your steps on your path. Listen when you can to this 45 minute call as my Healing Team leads you through a series of clearings, releases and healings:

  • Get grounded
  • Plant your feet on your path
  • Clear your path of obstructions
  • Recall your scattered energy from your busy summer
  • Recall the energy you put on hold for the summer
  • Let go of worst-case scenario planning
  • Enjoy a 5thchakra cleanout with Archangel Gabriel to reconnect with your Inner Voice
  • Chakra cleanout
  • Clean out negative thoughts
  • Let go of the How?
  • Unravel What if?
  • Plant seeds for your future

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