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2020 Planetary Alignment with Saint Germain

Mt Shasta July 2019

I am excited to announce that I will be partnering with Saint Germain for another series. We are making completion with the 1999 – 2019 Cycle of Seeking and entering the 2020 – 2030 Cycle of Creating.  In January 2020 there will be a stellium of planets in Capricorn, including a meeting with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for the first time in 507 years! Saint Germain has stepped forward and we will be offering up a Planetary Alignement 2020 series in January.

From Saint Germain: “As we head toward 2020 we see this arrangement of planets lining up in Capricorn.  Beginning in January, some of the major outer players in the planetary alignment, the planets that move very slowly around the sun, and take a great number of years before they passage through each sign, are all lining up in Capricorn and some will be there for the first time in many hundreds of years, two of these will be Saturn, known as the Lord of Karma, and Pluto, The Great Leveler, The Great Destroyer, the Great Transformer. You’re seeing much of these energies playing out in the political arena and in the environment around the world right now. So we will partner to take a deeper look at how these have been affecting your lives these past few months, years, before these transits take place in January. We will devote one week to Saturn, one week to Pluto and a third week to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and riches, which is also going to be turning up in Capricorn. We will elevate your experience with each of these planets learning and integrating the lessons taught by each and opening up the space to take advantage of this planetary alignment. We will be cleaning out the energetic closets, so to speak, clearing out the clutter of resentment, anger, resignation, settling, feeling like you are not in control of your destiny, grief, sadness, loneliness. This will be a deep clean of your energy bodies, your mental body and your nervous system. Clearing out from this lifetime, from any past life energies and especially clearing out from this decade. Cleaning and upgrading and preparing you for what’s to come in 2020 with as much of a clean slate as is possible.” 

Pat Liles of shares this update: The major alignments of 2020, keep this trajectory in mind:

1)     Jupiter enters Capricorn in early December where it will join Saturn and Pluto
2)     Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn 22º exactly on January 12, 2020 just after a lunar eclipse
3)     Jupiter joins Pluto 3 times in 2020, April 4, June 30 and Nov. 12 in Capricorn
4)     Jupiter and Saturn change signs to Aquarius and join exactly on Winter Solstice 2020 at 0º Aquarius

We usher in a whole new era with this last meeting of Jupiter/Saturn in air sign Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn meet like this every 20 years and are considered a social-political reset.  The reset has taken place in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) since the mid 1800’s, but now at the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn at Dec. 21, 2020 we will leap into a long cycle of Air sign conjunctions every 20 years.  So imagine from the end of the Industrial Revolution until now we have focused (in a social-political sense) on our earth-based resources, building in the material world, goal-driven focus, and valuing what money can buy, now we learn from a long cycle of resets focused on the mental, objective realms, where we create from our intentions, where we communicate and share ideas and make connections.  We mark a major turning point with these conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.  Three major astrological cycles reset, much like a New Moon, in 2020. (

We hope you can join us for this Planetary Alignment 2020 series.  I will release this series in early January 2020, along with scheduling a live Q+A call.

Let me explain my connection to Saint Germain and introduce him if you haven’t met. Saint Germain is an Ascended Master who works with the Violet Flame to transmute and transform energy.  I love this introduction to Saint Germain. While I have meditated with the violet flame for many years I had not met Saint Germain. While I was visiting Mt. Shasta in July 2018, I was sitting with friends in Shasta City Park and he came to me in meditation. We worked on clearing out shadow energy in the heart and he brought through a deep purging and healing with his Violet Flame.  Fun fact: It turned out that we were staying a few doors down from the Saint Germain Foundation  on that trip. I did my first series with Saint Germain that summer called Acknowledge and Integrate our Shadow (if you’d like to learn more about this series click here). I am thrilled to be partnering with him again for this Prep for 2020 series.

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Some additional insights from another of my favorite astrologers Chani Nicholas  ( Here is a collection of what she has shared about these planets this year. Chani wrote the following about Saturn and Pluto in January 2019 :

The Heavy Weights – Saturn and Pluto
With both Saturn and Pluto, the power players of our solar system in Capricorn, the structures of our world that need the greatest transformations could also be the ones that become (or remain) the least open to change. An overemphasis of Saturnian energy, when distorted, promotes regression, repression, and traditionalism. With the rhetoric of fear, exclusion, and domination easily spreadable under these skies, we must work with both our internal and external landscapes in order to implement change. What is poisonous must go through a purging process.

The solution to any external difficulty is, in part, to face the same within the self. It is the place from which we always have access and power. Working to understand, and then disrupt, our internal systems of inequity helps us to do so externally. Getting to know our inner critic well enough to interrupt the self-denial that keeps our souls, and our societies, undernourished is transformation from the inside out. Getting to know our own bitterness, hatred, and despair is one of the most effective ways to heal it internally, and address and interrupt it out in the world.  

Since Saturn rules Capricorn, the themes of it are amplified while it transits through its home sign. Pluto brings with it extremes. Birth, death, and transformation are just an appetizer for this Underlord. Catharsis doesn’t come cheap, and Pluto is always willing to point out the price for such a journey. Pluto’s role is to dismantle the last remaining, unseen, underlying beliefs that have been ingrained in our unconscious for centuries – and if not acknowledged and purged, will block internal growth. The positive expression of a powerful Pluto transit is always transformation. To change form, to get profoundly in touch with your past in order to transmute old energies and give birth of something extraordinary.

Also from Chani: Jupiter reminds us to inhale, encouraging us to move into the spaces we forgot are ours to take up. This planet encourages us to have faith in our own ability to figure life out by showing up for it with as much confidence and well-earned self-affirmation as we can muster.