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Ancestral Healing Group Series Sept 2023

  • Started Sep 18
  • 222 US dollars
  • Online meeting

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Join me for this four part group Ancestral Healing Series to work on releasing any soul energies trapped on each of our four ancestral lines. In my personal healing practice, I found that I had ancestral energy trapped on the earth plane from all of my lineages. What does this mean? Some of my ancestors had not crossed over to the light, or gone back to Source. Now why would our ancestors be stuck on the earth plane? Our ancestor’s energy can be trapped on the earth plane for any number of reasons - they may have perished in war, from a sudden death, from oaths or vows, from the burning times, from displacement or simply not realizing they haven’t crossed over. I have made connections with my ancestral guides from each branch of my lineages, maternal and paternal, and have noticed a deeper inner strength as I feel them walk beside me now. Working with Hecate:  I am working with Hecate in these healing sessions. Hecate is the Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft. The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets (by Barbara G. Walker) states:  “Hecate was one of the many names for the original feminine trinity, ruling heaven, earth and the underworld. Hellenes tended to emphasize her Crone or underworld aspect, but continued to worship her at places where three roads met, specially in rites of magic, divination, or consultation with the dead.”   In these sessions, we will connect with your Higher Self and be guided by the Goddess Hecate on a journey to the underworld to release any trapped ancestral energy on either your paternal or maternal line (one lineage clearing per session). I began working with Hecate in the summer ​The Details: Call 1 - Maternal Grandmother Lineage Call 2 - Paternal Grandmother Lineage Call 3 - Maternal Grandfather Lineage Call 4 - Paternal Grandfather Lineage The Format: All calls will be offered live. All offerings are recorded in case you cannot make it live. I am offering this series at two different times, you are welcome to join at 12pm or 5:30pm PT, whichever fits your schedule. As a result of this work, I’ve opened up energetically to a whole new realm of allies and guides and can feel the presence and love of these lost relatives with me now cheering me on in this work. I will be offering a four part series beginning September 18th to work on releasing any soul energies trapped on each of our four ancestral lines. Early bird price of $188 (through Aug 31st)

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24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. Payment for session is required in advance. There are no refunds once a session has been held.

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