Winter Solstice Call

It may seem early but the end of the year will be here before you know it. As we sit on the threshold of a new decade let’s take the time to reflect, release, reboot, repair and prepare ourselves for 2020. For this year end Solstice call we will focus not just on 2019 but on the decade we are closing out (2010-2019) along with the first decade of this century (2000-2009). Where were you in the year 2000 and what were your life expectations at that time?  Remember when we were so uncertain what would happen in Y2K? (Remember calling it Y2K?) On New Year’s Eve in 1999 I remember that I really hoped my computer would still work on January 1st and that I would be able to take the subway from Brooklyn back to Manhattan (we weren’t sure the subways would still run once the ball dropped!). And just like that we are 20 years into this century, living in a world that feels like it’s being devoured by technology. Time seems to be going by faster than ever, we’re connected to devices and disconnected from one another, we keep up with friends through snippets of social media forgetting what it’s like to gab for hours on the phone, that’s how we stayed connected then. And what effect has this had on all of us? Let’s take the time to release the energetic imprints of what the last 20 years have left us with.  How have your life, your hopes, your dreams shifted from where you were and who you were in the year 2000 to who and where you are now. I can tell you quite honestly that I did not envision that I would be living in San Francisco and working as a healer in my future back then. I had a vastly different plan for what my life would be, and I was definitely working on a five-year plan at most. Where are you coming from and what do you want the next year, ten years, 20 years to look like?

In this Solstice call we will connect in with your Higher Self and with the Goddess Isis, Saint Germain and the rest of my Team in Spirit to bring through a release of the past 20 years to enable you to sow the seeds of the future you are just now beginning to envision. Releasing the energetic debris of the hopes and dreams you once had along with any regret, resentment, disappointment, perceived failures, etc and the things you are simply ready to leave behind. We will create a new field for seeding the future you are deciding to create right NOW.  

Join us live on Zoom on December 21st at 11am PST, or by recording if you can’t make it live. This call will support you whether you are in person or listen to the replay. 
$25, recording will be shared directly after the call.

I pulled a card tonight from the Earth Warriors Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild and these words sum up perfectly the intention for this call ‘that I may be ready for the path ahead, freed from the past with compassion and blessed in this moment with the joy of simply being alive.’