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Host a tarot reading salon for your friends! 


If you are in the Bay Area, I am available for tarot reading parties. The Tarot can help in opening your eyes to what both hinders and supports you in life, and can provide answers to the questions in your heart. If you would like to host a group of friends and have everyone receive a 15-20 minute reading let’s chat. I’ve done this for birthday parties, bridal shower/bachelorette parties, halloween parties, in-store events and corporate events. It’s a fun way to gather with friends and add insight into the mix. Message me for info!

Woman sitting a table with tarot cards and crystals

"Kim was amazing at my event - so professional and made everyone feel at ease. She had no problem extending her time since everyone wanted more of her tarot readings! She was a standout and we were all so happy to have her at my event. Will book her again!" - Alexis D., San Francisco

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