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"Before I started working with Kim I was experiencing several major life changes. I was pregnant, completing my PhD, and looking to transition from academic life into work in the private sector. I also knew a move was in my future. I was prompted to seek Kim’s help because of all the uncertainty in my life. I sought Kim’s help to cope, embrace, and understand the changes I was experiencing. Kim gave me insight into the patterns I was falling into which shaped how I was responding to changes in my life. She was able to identify several limiting beliefs which were holding me back in how I approached everyday situations as well as major life transitions. One of the things that is masterful about Kim is that she does not simply identify problems, but she gives you tools the empower you to transform them. Working with Kim inspired me to meditate daily using the visualization techniques she employs. These techniques have also helped build my intuition, self-love, and my capacity to listen to my inner voice. I can’t recommend Kim enough – she will give you rich insights about yourself and the tools to transform your struggles and everyday life situations into opportunities to grow, find happiness, and practice love and compassion for yourself and the people around you."

— Lauren A., Oakland, CA

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