Kim Quinones is an Intuitive Guide and wayshower helping you get connected with your Higher Self and Inner Voice to support your personal growth. Since 2013 Kim has been helping others find and heal their stuck places.  Today her mission is to help you find your way to a gentle awakening, with grace and ease. She can help in opening your eyes to what both hinders and supports you in life, and can provide answers to the questions in your heart. Have you scratched the surface of spirituality and you want to dig deeper, are you looking to find deeper purpose and meaning in your life. Are you doing your inner work and feel ready to take charge of your life? Kim offers Intuitive Energy Readings and ongoing session work to dive in deep, release the blocks and step into the Now. Kim also offers meditation classes, group healing salons and is available for corporate and motivational speaking. Her biggest interest in healing is getting you grounded, in present time, clear of cords and outdated contracts, free of stuck emotions and empowered to take steps to living the life of your dreams. Think of her as that best friend that tells it to you straight, yet from the most enlightened perspective.  

Summer Solstice Meditation, photo by Justin Wonkour

Kim has been a lifelong seeker of wisdom, healing and awakening.  She began working with the tarot and crystals as a teenager, practicing yoga and meditation and dabbling in magic in her 20’s, from there she has connected deeply with Spirit. As psychic, a medium and a channel she has a multi-dimensional ability to connect with Source.

Kim is a graduate of Laughing Lotus Yoga School 200 hr Teacher Training, the Clairvoyant Training Program at Psychic Horizons and in May 2019 completed the Sound Healing and Therapy Certificate at the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness, all in San Francisco, CA where she resides today.