Welcome, my name is Kim Quinones. Since 2013 I have been helping people find and heal their stuck places, release their shadows and reveal their inner light. I am an Intuitive Guide and Wayshower helping you get connected with your Higher Self and Inner Voice to support your personal growth.  I believe and know that all your answers are within and by connecting in to your heart space together we can find the reasons for your behaviors and actions, get clarity and understanding around your motivations and get you moving forward. I offer one on one intuitive readings, energy healing, guided meditations, and group classes to help you feel grounded and supported in the swirling chaos that is life these days.













Join me in June for a new series! Over the past 15 years, I have been refining the tools I use everyday to manage my sensitivity. My new program - The Energetic Toolkit is an offering to everyone out there who has felt stuck, and didn’t quite know why (or what to do about it). This offering is also for those of us who are very sensitive and are not quite sure how to navigate the world at times without losing a part of ourselves.  


Being sensitive to energy isn’t always easy, but it is manageable. And once we get a handle on what is and isn’t ours we can get in better touch with our own inner guidance system 


Intuitive Reading

— Alysia K.

Kim is truly a healer of immense ability and insight. Her clear sense of my energetic blocks and almost immediate skill in clearing them was deeply felt and appreciated. Thank you, Kim for sharing your gifts with me and our planet, your presence and gifts are needed more than ever.

A short video about who I am and what I offer

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