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In an Intuitive Reading we will connect with your Higher Self to get to the root of the issue and work on healing from there. As a multi-dimensional Intuitive I am able to access information on many levels. My reading style encompasses a number of techniques. I am clairvoyant and clairaudient, a medium and a channel. While I do not predict the future I can look at the possible outcomes and see what you are aligned with,  I can also see what you are holding in your energetic space, get insights from it and release it. My biggest interest in healing is getting you grounded, in present time, clear of cords and outdated contracts, free of stuck emotions and stagnant energy, and empowered to take steps to living the life of your dreams. Whether you are working on issues from this lifetime, a past life, family/ancestral healing, healing from trauma or abuse, grief and loss, opening to deeper spirituality, parenting and relationship issues, career, contemplating a move, finding your voice, wanting to connect with a passed-over loved one, or simply need support taking steps forward in your life.

Intuitive Reading

In depth One on One session. Intuitive guidance and energy healing

$150, 60-75 minutes.

Children, Business, Home or Animal Reading

Children, Business, Home and Animal Readings are also available.

$150, 60-75 minutes.

Ascended Master Channeled Reading

For deeper wisdom and guidance I will channel with one of the Ascended Masters in company with the Archangels for a deeply profound and insightful experience.
$150, 45 minutes

Reveal Your Inner Light Breakthrough Package

In this signature series we will go deep with the services I offer in a series of four sessions. In an individual reading we can typically focus on one or two issues, and on one or two healing modalities. In this series of sessions we will go deep with the full complement of healing modalities I offer. We will dig in to the roots of your blockages and look for the origin. Let’s get you back in alignment with your Inner Light, your Inner Voice, and your Higher Wisdom.  

Serenity Sessions

*New* Serenity Session. A shorter session to assist with the affects life in quarantine is having on you and your relationships, parenting, career and friendships or whatever is coming up for you.

$75, 30 minutes

*New* Serenity Session - Cords and Contracts. A shorter session to assist with updating your soul contracts, releasing and updating cords, attachments, oaths and vows and harmonizing your chakras.

$75, 30 minutes

Free Monthly Group Meditation Call

Join me on the second Wednesday of every month at 9pm PDT/PST.
Free, 30 minutes

All session conducted via Zoom. I have a 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. Payment for session is required in advance. There are no refunds once a session has been held.

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