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Ancestral Energy Healing Sessions 
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+ 4-Part Series Begins September 18th















Connecting with your ancestral line is deeply healing and powerful - for YOU and for those who have come before us, as well as those who will come after.

I am feeling so passionate about this healing work that Spirit has directed me to offer this as a group healing series to make this work more accessible to everyone, the second round will begin Sept 18th. I hosted a free workshop to explain more about this and more about this offering. It is possible for us to facilitate our ancestors’ return to the light, which in turn helps yourself and your lineage. Listen to the replay

The Background : 

I have been focusing on ancestral healing in my personal healing practice - connecting with those that came before me - those that made it possible for me to be here now. And I have been offering this type of healing work in client sessions.

I have made connections with my ancestral guides from each branch of my lineages, maternal and paternal, and have noticed a deeper inner strength as I feel them walk beside me now.

Let me start by sharing a little math. In each generation we double the number of ancestors we have -  we have two parents, four grandparents, eight great grandparents, 16 great-great grandparents, and if we go back 10 generations (about 200 years) we are up to 1024 ancestors. Now if we go back to 20 generations we are looking at numbers over a million (1,048,576 to be exact), and that is only roughly 400 years. Imagine the number if we go back 2000 or 3000 years, or more.  If one percent or even .01 percent of our ancestral energy is stuck here on the earth plane that is a large number.


How This Series Came Together : 

In my personal healing practice, I found that I had ancestral energy trapped on the earth plane from all of my lineages. What does this mean? Some of my ancestors had not crossed over to the light, or gone back to Source. Now why would our ancestors be stuck on the earth plane? Our ancestor’s energy can be trapped on the earth plane for any number of reasons - they may have perished in war, from a sudden death, from oaths or vows, from the burning times, from displacement or simply not realizing they haven’t crossed over. There are enough reasons that it warrants a longer conversation. 


You may recall the movie “The Sixth Sense” from the late 1990’s that had a plot about this topic. I mentioned a sudden death experience could be one reason a soul does not cross over to the Light, and we currently have a tragic example of this playing out with the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. The loss of life has exceeded 47,000 people as I write this. Souls who were going about their life in one moment are gone in the next. 


I am receiving a message that it is time for us to come together to pray for the liberation of these souls to be able to return to their Source/G*d and to support their crossing over. 

I will not be doing any Ancestral healing on this call, but will do an energy clearing process in addition to our joining in prayer for the lives lost as mentioned above. It’s my honor to be able to offer this ancestral healing right now.


Listen to the intro session I recorded on February 25th for more details and a guided healing meditation. Listen Now












As someone who lost my father at a young age (I was 10), I have very little connection to my paternal lineage. I have no information about my ancestors and little ways to find out more. My father had one sister who passed away before I was born, and I did not have any relationship with my grandparents after my father’s death. Being able to connect and heal my paternal lineage has been deeply meaningful to me. Knowing that I can be a part of liberating even one of these souls energetically has been quite profound. 

As a result of this work, I’ve opened up energetically to a whole new realm of allies and guides and can feel the presence and love of these lost relatives with me now cheering me on in this work. 

The Details: 

Call 1 - Maternal Grandmother Lineage

Call 2 - Paternal Grandmother Lineage
Call 3 - Maternal Grandfather Lineage

Call 4 - Paternal Grandfather Lineage

The Format:

All calls will be offered live. All offerings are recorded in case you cannot make it live. 

A bit more on your Ancestral Lineage (source:
Each of us is the offspring of two parents, who likewise both had a biological mother and father. This means we have two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents and so on. In other words, our ancestors increase exponentially the further back we look. About 20 generations (about 400 years ago), we each have about a million ancestors - and after that the numbers start to get even sillier. Forty generations ago (800 years) gives us one trillion ancestors, and fifty gives one quadrillion. This is not only many, many more people than live on the planet today - it is many more than have ever lived.


If one percent or even .01 percent of our ancestral energy is stuck here on the earth plane that is quite a lot. If you believe in ghosts or have ever seen/felt/heard a ghost - that was someone’s ancestor that has not crossed over to the Light or returned to Source. This series is here to help each one of those Souls related to us to cross back over now. You would probably want this assistance if your soul got stuck or trapped here on earth. 


This series is intended for our Ancestor’s peace and well-being. It is to allow our Ancestors to finally be at rest. It will free us (and our offspring, whether you have children, your siblings or other relatives do) of any imprints left behind from their struggles. It will help clear the earth plane and allow your Ancestor’s to return to Source. 


We can have fears and phobias, likes and dislikes and trauma inherited from our ancestors. There are many reasons our Ancestors' energy can be trapped on the earth plane. Spirit shared the following with list of reasons with me:


Sudden death, War, Illness, Oaths, Vows, Poverty, Stubbornness, The burning times -  when the herbalists, midwives, doulas, death doulas, priestesses, and women or other healers were decimated. Religious indoctrination, Indigenous slaughter, The Crusades, War, Slavery. Those denied basic humans rights by ‘white superiority’, Indentured servitude, Revenge, Displacement, taken from your homeland, Religious persecution, and so on.


I am also available to work with you privately if that feels right for you, a series of four 1:1 Ancestral energy healing sessions is $444 and can be booked here.

A bit more on my own journey of ancestral healing - when I began this series I had no knowledge of my paternal Puerto Rican lineage beyond my grandparents. In the first week of the series I learned the name of one of my paternal great-grandmothers. Ultimately I learned the names of each of my paternal great-grandparents. and also found out I can trace my ancestry back to the Canary Islands in the 1500's on one line and that I have Indigenous Taino roots on the other line.  Join me and see what gets revealed for you!

Here is what past participants have to say about the Ancestral Energy Healing Series:

"I am so glad I decided to give myself and my ancestors the gift of experiencing Kim's Ancestral Energy Healing series online this year. I was skeptical about the online format at first, but Kim's ability to ground me and the group was soon evident and I was able to drop into a sacred space easily. This type of journey was new to me and I found that once I was grounded and open, my ancestors were right there, as if they'd been waiting for this portal.


It was fascinating to me how each grandparent's line revealed themselves with a different vibe, texture, and pace. After the series and since, I have noticed a clearing, like a shedding of weight along with a new curiosity for what is now possible and available in the space where the unconscious and unspoken heaviness once occupied. I notice I am able to be more present and I have taken my learnings to individual therapy to continue working on more clearing which has slowly allowed my true being to reveal itself, unencumbered by intergenerational trauma."

A. R., Berkeley, CA

“The ancestral series provided a deep clearing for me. I traveled with loved ones long past and felt their love shimmer in my heart. 
When we did the clearing on my fathers side, I learned things about my family's past that put a lot into context. It was like a weight had lifted. Where I once felt tension, I replaced it with compassion.  That compassion is with me, even now. One of my favorite aspects of the calls was being able to visit ancestors that had long passed. And some I met for the first time! That sense of love and togetherness is still with me, and I learned that I could use tools within myself to be more present with my loved ones who are no longer on this earth. 


Take the journey with Kim, and visit the ones who brought you here. I can overestimate how cool it is to walk arm and arm with relatives who aren't here physically. This series is like being in a historical documentary of your own life. Your long lost relatives are the cast members. You get to reunite with great grandparents and all the people who came before.”

L.A., Oakland, CA


Registration Now Open

The Investment -   $222



Scholarships are available based on need. Please email me for details.

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