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What is Shadow Work? (from :
“Working with your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from yourself. This can include trauma or parts of your personality that you subconsciously consider undesirable.”


Join me for a new offering to look into your own shadow. We will bring the light of our awareness to these lost parts of ourselves that are hidden in our shadow, and invite them back into the whole for integration. I have found the deepest blocks rooted in my shadow. And the more bravely I inquire and face my shadow, the more liberation I experience.


 It is very powerful work, and I have created a safe and loving container to explore this work in. 


In doing this work, you can begin to reclaim lost or abandoned parts of yourself. In shadow work, we may be looking at experiences in this lifetime, or those brought forward from a past life or lives, or on an ancestral level. These can be from subconscious or unconscious blocks.

Often these pieces revealed are hidden by the unconscious mind. Once we locate this energy, or lost part of you, we can bring it back into the whole. 


A tremendous amount of healing happens when we take this journey of integration.

I invite you to join me for a focused Shadow Work session. This is an introductory offer, $111 (reg $150) for a limited time.  Book your session here!


I have been doing this work with the aid of Hecate (the Greek goddess of the night, magic, the moon and more), who I worked with on the Ancestral Energy Healing Series. 

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