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A yellow rose with text Intuition School: Foundations 5 Part Series: July 19, 26, Aug 2,9, + 16

This series will teach you the foundations of how I work with energy, including grounding, connecting to source, owning your aura, energy clearing and releasing stuck emotions. I will be teaching what I’ve learned, been gifted, downloaded, and developed over the last ten years as a spiritual practitioner. 


These are the tools I learned directly, and have refined to support me every day to clean and maintain my energy. I will teach you how I release stuck emotions in my body. These are the foundational tools for good energy hygiene. These are the tools I use with clients, and have found work time and time again.


For those of us that are sensitive to energy, we can often feel overwhelmed from taking on other people’s energy. These are the tools I use to disconnect from others. It is said that every emotion you have ever experienced in your life is trapped in your body. I will teach you how I clear out those stuck and trapped emotions. 


This is how I’ve learned to keep living in my heart, and witnessing when the ego is trying to assert itself. It’s a game of balance, of presence, and of witnessing. Being the observer of your experience.  


We will gather for an experiential workshop style class that will meet for two hours each session. There’s a lot of growing when we come together in group, and we mirror and learn from one another. This experience of learning together invites in even more growth potential than from us doing the work alone. 


The basics: 

  • Learn what your aura is and how to create energetic boundaries

  • What it means to ground + connect + center and why this is important

  • Gain daily practice tips for energy hygiene

  • Owning your energy and getting clear of outside energy, and what else is going on out there (discarnate energy)

  • Establish a daily meditation practice 

  • Learn about the chakras and how to clear them. 

  • Tools to manage being empathic (taking on other people's energy) and clairsentient (feeling others feelings)

  • Develop a stronger connection to your intuition and inner voice

  • Neutrality

  • Along the way we will release the energy you’ve picked up in this lifetime 


We will meet for five (5) two-hour sessions on July 19, 26, Aug 2, 9, 16.

Since these will be interactive workshop style classes, this series will be limited to 5-7 participants.


Early bird special for Intuition School is $333 (reg price $395) for the series (through July 7th).

Save your spot here!

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