The Magdalene Series : Healing the Feminine Wound
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7 Recorded Transmissions / Journeys on each Chakra + Live Calls Recordings 

This new offering is for those of us who feel repeatedly stuck. Who’ve done every healing, and modality and yet there is still something that feels off. A long time ago we lost the core belief in ourselves, and our gifts in this world. They’ve been programmed out of us for so many generations, it’s no wonder we struggle with self doubt and fear. It’s been there so long it feels like we were born with it.

Do you feel like you’ve lost your voice or ability to speak your truth in this world?
Do you struggle with being hard on yourself?
Does self love feel far away, or something you struggle with truly believing or embodying?
Do you get stuck in procrastination and indecision?


You feel this way not because of something within you that is broken or wrong, but because of the distortions of our modern world (i.e. the wounded patriarchy) and culture and all that we have taken on as a result. 


How This Series Came Together:

This course arose from my deep healing work with the core feminine wounds. Since my journey with Mary Magdalene, I’ve moved to more self-love, to having my voice again, to being fully empowered in my gifts and creating what I desire to offer in the world.  

The younger me struggled to express her emotions, and often couldn’t name them to get a better understanding of what I was feeling. I was so closed down and carried around so much fear of just being myself. I never felt like I was good enough or particularly welcomed. 

We have been programmed to see the world through the eyes of the patriarchy, this worldview of male dominance and male superiority - always being witnessed from the male gaze. It’s time to undo how we are forced into this worldview from birth and by this culture. 

The Time Is Now! 

I’ve been called to offer this course for women and women-identifying folks to find that total and complete belief in ourselves again, and to take out the rotten seeds and the roots they’ve created that have been wreaking havoc in our lives, in society and in the world. In the subtle realms I’m calling all of this terror that has happened an undercurrent of menace.

It’s time to release out of the energetic holding frequencies that we have all been subjected to. We’ll reconnect our creative center (sacral), to our seat of love (heart), and to our intuition and inner wisdom (third eye) and open up our throat for clear communication. 

Why Mary Magdalene?  

Mary Magdalene as a guide will help us to find that total belief in ourselves again. We’ll expand our container of what we can hold and what’s possible. We’ll release all the ways we believe or think we are not good enough - or programmed to believe we are not good enough. 

Mary Magdalene has come in at this time to bring in the balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We will release out of these deep seeds implanted in us by the patriarchy and dominant society to keep us in that line - in that energy of power over where women are less than men. We’ve all been force fed this belief, and we’ve all been implanted with these bad seeds. 

This is going to be a journey to dismantle. We’ll be working through the chakras - to quite literally look for these seeds and release them, and refill yourself with your own true and pure soul essence. We will release energy from this life, past lives and from our ancestry. 

This will be a very powerful experience to bring us back into that unity consciousness - where Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine hold the polarities and are equal. In order to build what’s next from a place of love, and step into who you are truly meant to be in this world, we need to get to the root of where the dominant culture lives literally within your body.

I’m very excited to be sharing this and very excited to be working with Mary Magdalene in this powerful new way. She first came to me back in November of 2020 when we started engaging and working together, and now it’s 2022 and I’m ready to share this to support your and our collective healing. 

It’s time.

The Details: 

Chakra 1 - Safety, grounding, home, the ability to stand on our own two feet.
The ways we’ve been told we need to be taken care of.

We’ll release the deep beliefs: 

  • Women are the weaker sex and dependent on others. 

  • That we need to be taken care of. 

  • From society, culture, tv, religion that all perpetuate the belief that women are the weaker sex.

  • The stories that we were told “I am not good enough, I’m not capable. I’m not able to be female and in our true female power.” How we accepted this as our truth and how embedded in culture it is.

  • Release feeling stuck in our ways, or the belief that “it is too late for me.”

  • Women should be seen and not heard.

Chakra 2 - Our creative center.
The ways we’ve had our bodies and sex turned against us.

Clearings include:​

  • All negative sexual experiences in the lifetime.  

  • Sin, society, culture and religious programming.

  • Shame, negative self-talk for not meeting society's standards. 

  • Judgment, comparison, and hatred of our bodies. 

  • All past lives in the patriarchal period.

Chakra 3 - Our power center, personal power.
Dismantling the obstructions placed in this energy center to disrupt our belief in our own power.

We’ll restore and remember: 

  • Reconnect with our dreams. 

  • Possibility and belief, love and compassion for ourselves and all of our experiences in this lifetime, past life.

  • We’ll connect with our ancestors.

  • Filling back up, take back this energy center so we can experience all the power we hold in this chakra. We’ll create the space to pursue our dreams and fulfill our dreams. We’ll believe that they are possible and see them being possible in all areas of life: career, romance, leisure, hobbies, interests. 

  • We’ll feel empowered to speak up.


Chakra 4 - Love and compassion for our self and others.
Dismantling the ways we weren’t shown to love and respect ourselves. 

We’ll restore and remember: 

  • See yourself reclaim the space of your heart, reclaim your self-worth and all the glory that it is to be a woman, to be a female, to identify as a female, without all that's been stripped away.  

  • Integrating with lower chakras and being re-empowered to believe in ourselves,  to unconditionally love ourselves, to believe in our inherent value and worth and to know that we have so much to contribute in this world. 

  • Shaking off the shackles and the cobwebs of all that’s come to pass as we step out of the shadow of all this patriarchal energy we've been buried under as we've been working through in this series.

  • Fill up with love and gratitude and self-worth.


Chakra 5 - Our voice in the world.
All about the ways our voice has been taken away from us. 

We’ll re-connect and remember: 

  • Reconnect all chakras, take back permission to speak from your heart and speak your mind, to be seen and to be heard.

  • Open up the channel between heart and throat chakras, open up the passageway to allow our heart and mind to be connected through the beauty of our voice, returning us back to our full expression, feeling safe to express, our hearts desires, our needs, and feeling safe to express everything we have to offer in this life 

  • Release of baggage we carried forward, to remind us and keep us disempowered.

  • Archangel Gabriel angelic healing energy for the throat, empowered to speak your voice, with love.


Chakra 6 - Our intuition and insight.
Stripped of trusting our intuition and wisdom and inner guidance.

We’ll re-connect and remember: 

  • Safety to connect with your intuition and into the feeling aspect or ourselves. 

  • Reconnect with all our intuitive senses with safety and trust : feel, sense, see, know. 

  • Reconnect all the energy centers from root to third eye.

  • Linking our steps forward in life to our intuition and guidance. 

  • Safety and trust as we step back into these gifts and reconnect with these gifts. Learn to once again trust our voice and speak our voice.

  • Connecting with our in with inner guidance system and navigate life through it and with it. 

  • Connecting back into trust that has been clouded from us, trusting our intuition, our inner guidance, our inner voice.

  • Releasing self doubt.


Chakra 7 - Our connection to source.
All the ways we’ve been brainwashed.

We’ll restore and remember: 

  • Bringing calm to the nervous system, bring all the chakras into communication with one another.  

  • Ancestry, anything brought forward from both lines that was diminishing our connection to source. 

  • Past lives, everything from our past lives, witch/healer lives where we want to smooth out and to release out of the anger, the bitterness, the betrayal, so we can take back the wisdom of these lives, so we can honor all that was lost, so we can take that energy back.

  • Allow the flame of truth in your heart to ignite that there was a time before when women were honored and revered on this planet as life givers, as healers, as medicine women, as wise women, before the time of power over, working our way towards unity consciousness, all reaching out a hand to one another, being in community, caring about all.

  • Clearing out all organs of perception, all the ways we see sense feel know things.

  • Reconnecting all seven chakras.

The Format:

You will receive a video/audio each week with the teaching on each Chakra, and we will come together in a community call to discuss what came up, ask questions and integrate. All offerings are recorded in case you cannot make it live. 


The Investment -  $222


Scholarships are available based on need. Please email me for details.